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In 2003, I founded ARTSNET(now an artist support organization), a CMS development company. In 2009, I joined Uhuru Corporation. As CTO, I lead R&D. In 2014, I turned my attention to Node-RED, and enebular (Uhuru's product) was adapted Node-RED as flow editor. In 2015, I founded the Node-RED User Group Japan. In 2017, I've written a book on Node-RED. In 2018, I joined the United Nations CEFACT Japan delegation, setting international standards for IoT and blockchain. In 2019, I'm also the CTO of Burug LLC. And patented the (a.k.a) Trusted Device. In 2020, I have advocated for 5-star Trusted Data and 5-star Trusted Device.




CTO at Burug LLC

Running technology management company and is involved in real estate tech research and development.


Japan delegation at United Nations CEFACT

Setting international standards for IoT and blockchain.


CTO at Uhuru Corporation

Running the technology management and working on IoT and blockchain research and development as a chief researcher.


Founder at Node-RED User Group Japan

Management of the Node-RED user community in Japan.


Director of Uhuru Data Science Laboratory at Uhuru Corporation
(2 yrs e 10 mos)

Research and development on data lifecycle.


Head of Cloud Computing Business at Uhuru Corporation
(3 yrs e 7 mos)

Drive the Salesforce and AWS partner business.


Founder at Artsnet

CMS development and sales. (now an artist support organization)

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